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‚ÄčOzone, a medical breakthrough? an investigative documentary 

A powerful investigative documentary, filmed in 11 countries over 16 years that tells the story of a simple medical treatment set against the background of politics and economics that control the health care system.

Ozone therapy has been used to treat several million people in Germany, Russia, Cuba and other countries for a variety of medical conditions from excess and gangrene to caner, strokes, hepatitis, herpes and AIDS, but it remains controversial and unapproved in the United States and Canada.

Ozone, a Medical Breakthrough? features interviews with patients including ACADEMY AWARD nominated Nick Nolte, as well as top experts and representatives from U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health. Narrated by Will Lyman (PBS FRONTLINE). 

Threshold Films presents a documentary by Geoffrey Rogers.

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